30.09.2021 21:18 By: Source: CFA Institute

Career Confidence with the CFA® Program

We would like to invite you and your students to a one-hour online webinar: Career Confidence with the CFA® Program. We will explain the CFA® Program itself with a special focus on careers and resources to help finance students understand job roles and career paths in the industry. We have some great free new resources to offer students.

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Considering a career in finance and investment? Find out how the leading global qualification for investment professionals can boost and build your future career.

Learn more about the CFA® Program here and on the picture above.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students with an interest in finance careers are warmly invited to this CFA Program® 2021 news and information session.

Register for session 1 on Wednesday 13th October (10:00 GMT) here.     

Register for session 2 on Monday 1st November (15:00GMT) here.