24.11.2017 12:40 By: Department of Social and Economic Policy

European research project Eco-Bot has started

With a successful kickoff-meeting at the 18th and 19th of October 2017 in Berlin, a new European H2020 funded research project has begun its work. University of Economics in Katowice is an official partner of the project

The participants of the Eco-Bot kickoff-meeting in Berlin, Germany.


The project Eco-Bot (Personalised ICT-tools for the Active Engagement of Consumers towards Sustainable Energy) aspires to change energy consumption behaviour towards energy efficiency. Over the course of the next 39 months, a team of universities, technology developers and providers in the energy field as well as high tech small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) across Europe and Turkey will work together closely.

Eco-Bot targets to a personalized virtual energy assistant to deliver information on itemized (appliance-level) energy usage through a chat-bot tool. The solution is going to include advances in state of the art technologies such as natural language processing, advanced signal processing (energy disaggregation) and multi-factorial behavioural modelling. There will also be advanced information and communications technologies, such as knowledge engineering, machine learning and expert systems to transform the multi-factorial models for energy reduction to interactive, personalized and targeted recommendations to consumers on how to save energy.

The solution will be tested and demonstrated in three different use cases, the power utility of Catalonia (Estabanell Business 2 Consumer use case), a leading SaaS Building Energy Management System with two ESCO/building managers in Spain and the United Kingdom (DexmaTech Business to Business use case) and household energy users with smart meters in Germany (senerCon Business 2 Business 2 Consumer use case)), to validate the Eco-Bot system across real and diverse conditions.

UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN KATOWICE is an official partner of the project and participates in theoretical and empirical research for a sustainable energy future by creating a holistic energy consumer behaviour model based on the theory of economics and behavioural economics as the basis for the creation of a personalized virtual energy assistant.

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