29.10.2021 21:11 By: Theory of Management Department

Lecture by prof. Rodolfo Baggio [report]

On October 28, 2021, at the invitation of the Doctoral School and the Management Theory Department, prof. Rodolfo Baggio from Bocconi University in Milan gave a lecture on "Doing science today. A creative data-centric approach".

The lecture was an introduction to a panel session with the participation of Professor Baggio and the employees of University of Economics in Katowice, who regularly publish the results of their research in prestigious foreign journals:

  • prof. Artur Świerczek, Ph.D. (Department of Business Logistics),
  • prof. Maciej Mitręga, Ph.D. (Department of Organization Relations Management),
  • Przemysław Juszczuk, Ph.D. (Department of Machine Learning),
  • prof. Katarzyna Czernek-Marszałek, Ph.D. (Department of Management Theory) - chairing the panel.

Professor Baggio, Panelists and all Guests were welcomed by the Dean of the Doctoral School – prof. Artur Walasik, Ph.D

During the meeting, the audience could get answers to questions such as: if and what are the chances of publishing only theoretical/conceptual texts in prestigious foreign journals, how to discuss with reviewers, what to pay the most attention to in the so-called "revision" or whether the journal's prestige is important for a young scientist.

Moreover, on October 26, Professor Rodolfo Baggio conducted a workshop for students on tourist networks. The second workshop will be held from 3 to 5 November on artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning more information