30.06.2020 10:55

New edition of our "Forum" [read online]

We are happy to invite you to read new edition of University Magazine "Forum". Enjoy the articles in Polish and English version.

It so happens that the closing of this issue of "Forum" coincides with the global coronavirus pandemic and a dramatic shift in all economic and societal processes. This is probably the first time when most readers will read the online version of the bulletin. It is hardly surprising, business education around the world has gone entirely online at the moment. Almost entirely! Fortunately, students and teachers are still people! However, experience shows that we work in the area where the remote approach does not necessarily entail a loss of quality. Of course, nothing will ever beat direct contact between people, try trumping a lively discussion in class. Yet, the alternative can be equally effective. We’ll probably know soon enough. The University of Economics in Katowice is well prepared for every kind of education in economic and management professions. Our potential and flexibility are verified by the recent CEEMAN IQA international accreditation and the fact that we have been admitted to enter the application process of probably the most important global accreditation for business schools: AACSB. This is an important topic in this issue. And, just for a while, come back to the non-virtual reality with "Forum" and read articles and accounts of the events that have taken place at the university in recent months. - the editor-in-chief of the Forum Marcin Baron, Ph.D. begins the new edition.