16.01.2020 11:34 By: NAWA

"Poland My First Choice" Programme

The Poland My First Choice scholarship programme aims to encourage young talented people to pursue studies at the best Polish HEIs. The call for applications under the Programme shall be held in the period from 6th February until 6th April 2020.

The Programme offers an opportunity to pursue full-time second-cycle studies at public and private HEIs on all fields of study offered by institutions offering education at highest level – i.e. those classified to the A and A+ category under the latest parametric evaluation – subordinate to the Minister of Science and Higher Education, with a monthly NAWA scholarship amounting to PLN 2,000 (ca. EUR 460) to cover the living allowance during the period of education in Poland specified in the Regulations. In the case of public HEIs, the Programme also offers an exemption from education fees. The Programme provides the participants with an opportunity to study in Polish or in another language. The Applicants select HEIs and fields of study in which they want to enrol based on the educational offer of Polish higher education institutions and apply for the curriculum of their choice. Final decisions regarding admissions of Applicants and financial conditions of education shall be made by HEIs.

The Programme does not provide for a call for applications for fields of study offered by HEIs supervised by other ministries.

The Programme is implemented as part of a non-competition project under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, co-financed from the European Social Fund.