20.04.2018 11:14 By: Marketing Communications Office

The latest Web Ranking of Universities 2018

According to the latest ranking published on the Ranking Web of Universities (Webometrics) our university has recorded an increase of 117 positions in the world and 2 positions in Poland!

The latest Web Ranking of Universities 2018

Transparent Ranking is a part of the WEB OF UNIVERSITIES Ranking (Webometrics) and ranks universities according to the number of citations of university employees in Google Scholar. Therefore, the profiles should be institutional (set up using the university e-mail address) and available (made public). 

The ranking is based on four indicators:

  • PRESENCE - Size (number of webpages) of the main webdomain of the institution. It includes all the subdomains sharing the same (central or main) webdomain and all the file types including rich files like pdf documents. Source: Google (5%)
  • VISIBILITY - Number of external networks (subnets) originating backlinks to the institution's webpages After normalization, the maximum value between the two sources is selected. Source: Ahrefs Majestic (50%) 
  • TRANSPARENCY - Number of citations from top authors according to the source. Source: Google Scholar Citations (10%)
  • EXCELLENCE - Number of papers amongst the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines. Data for the five year period (2011-2015). Source: Scimago (35%)

According to the number of citations of scientific works registered on individual Google Scholar profiles, the top ten among our University staff included:

  1. dr hab. Ewa Ziemba, prof. UE – number of citations 1297, Index Hirscha – 17,
  2. prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Celina M. Olszak – number of citations 1258, IH – 16,
  3. prof. zw. dr hab. Krystian Heffner – number of citations 1100, IH – 17,
  4. prof. zw. dr hab. inż. Jacek Szołtysek – number of citations 1053, IH – 13,
  5. dr hab. Maciej Mitręga, prof. UE – number of citations 680, IH – 13,
  6. dr hab. Danuta Kisperska-Moroń, prof. UE – number of citations 644, IH – 12,
  7. prof. zw. dr hab. Aldona Frączkiewicz-Wronka – number of citations 577, IH – 13,
  8. prof. zw. dr hab. Wojciech Dyduch – number of citations 528, IH – 11,
  9. prof. zw. dr hab. Sławomir Smyczek – number of citations 451, IH – 9,
  10. dr hab. Adam Drobniak, prof. UE – number of citations 409, IH – 9.