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Cost of living

Your monthly expenses will depend on your habits and needs. Here are some rough prices of products and services in Poland. 1 EURO is approx. 4,30 zloties (PLN).

See coins and banknotes issued in Poland:

Exchange rates:

Renting a single room  800 PLN
Renting a flat (one-room) 1200-2000 PLN
Monthly ticket for the public transport (bus and tram) 55-75 PLN (with student ID card)
Gasoline (1 liter) 6,50 - 7 PLN
Cinema ticket 14-28 PLN
Bowling 60 - 120 PLN/hour
Fitness Club, Gym (monthly fee) 100-200 PLN
Xerox copy 0,15-0,20 PLN/page
Monthly cost of mobile phone  30-60 PLN
Monthly cost of Internet 40-80 PLN
Lunch in pub 20-30 PLN
Dinner 25-60 PLN
Cup of coffee 5-20 PLN
Beer 4-5 PLN (shop), 10-20 PLN (pub)
Loaf of bread 5-10 PLN
Bottle of mineral water (1,5l) 3 PLN
Coca-Cola (1l) 5 PLN
Juice (1l) 4,50 PLN
Pack of cigarettes 18 PLN
Milk (1l) 3,50 PLN
Eggs (10) 8-10 PLN
Chicken Breasts (1kg) 20 PLN
Rice 4 PLN
Cheese (1kg) 25-35 PLN
Ham (1kg) 25-45 PLN
Shampoo 10-20 PLN
Shower Gel 10-20 PLN
Dishwashing liquid 5 PLN
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