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Research and knowledge transfer

The University of Economics in Katowice is currently cooperating in various areas with over 400 enterprises and public institutions. They include big undertakings carried out jointly by international companies and the University as well as relatively small, goal-oriented initiatives where both researchers and small enterprises are involved.

The potential of the University

The University employees actively participate in economic life – they carry out research and implementation, offer advice to enterprises and public sector institutions – thanks to this, the University personnel is in constant contact with theoretical and practical issues of the modern economy.

Benefits of the cooperation

Establishing the cooperation with the University opens the door to knowledge based on most recent scientific research as well as research and development activities. Thus, enterprise and institutions are offered better market opportunities and operate more efficiently.

Establishing cooperation

We would like to encourage you to begin cooperation. It may be accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • by contacting a specialist unit - the Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre, which has a wealth of experience in conducting research and expert work for economic entities,
  • by contacting employees of Cooperation with Corporate Partners and University Alumni, who is able to answer all questions and help to establish cooperation.


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Accreditations and partners

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