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Information on the academic year 2024/2025

Fact Sheet


Information for Erasmus+ partner institutions

- Inter- institutional agreements (IIA) till 2027/2028- UEKat is ready to prolong its agreements with the partner universities in Dashboard and does not accept extensions via e-mail

- Online Learning Agreement - UEKat has introduced the OLA. More information HERE

Information regarding Covid-19  Government website"UE Katowice in the age of coronavirus"


Deadlines for nomination and application of the exchange students coming to the University of Economics in Katowice:


Winter semester and full academic year 2024/2025

Summer semester 2024/2025

Nomination by Home Coordinator

   14 May 2024

14 October 2024

Deadline for the duly signed student'sApplication Form and Online Learning Agreement

   31 May 2024

31 October 2024

E-mail address for the nomination:

Important! Please remember that we will not have the possibility to accept application documents of your students after the above mentioned deadlines.

Application process 

The application process step by step and the deadlines are available for your students in the section "Application process" (update shortly).

Information on the academic year 2024/2025

The UEKAt is planning to have all classes on campus but the decision will be published shortly before the start of the academic year.

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