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Situation in Poland and at UE Katowice in relation to the pandemics of COVID-19

You can check the current updates and information under the following links:

Government website

"UE Katowice in the age of coronavirus"


Information on the academic year 2021/2022

Taking into consideration the present epidemic situation, the academic year 2021/2022 is organized in the hybrid way, i.e. classes in small groups are conducted on campus and the lectures in bigger groups are conducted online.

Information on the organization of the winter semester is to find here.

In case the number of Covid-19 cases in Poland increases and restrictions are introduced by the Polish Government, UE Katowice will react accordingly. Therefore, incoming students  are asked to follow the Government's regulations before coming to Poland.


Information on the academic year 2020/2021

Due to the decision of KRUE (Conference of Rectors of the Universities of Economics) from the 2nd December 2020, classes for students during the whole academic year of 2020/2021 will be conducted online.

Information on winter semester 2020/2021 

Message from Rector-Elect regarding classes of the winter semester 2020/21


Nomination form & deadlines

Deadlines for nomination of the exchange students coming to the University of Economics in Katowice:


Winter semester and full academic year 2021/2022

Summer semester 2021/2022

Nomination by Home Coordinator

   15 April 2021

15 October 2021

Deadline for the student's Application Form an Learning Agreement

    5 May 2021

31 October 2021


Important! Please remember that we will not have the possibility to accept application documents of your students after the above mentioned deadlines.


The application process step by step and the deadlines are available for your students in the section "Application process"


E-mail address for the nomination:

Nomination form available HERE.


Information on UE Katowice in brief 


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