Educational track: Innovative Business

Knowledge gained

The main aim of this track is to give the students a complex, and coherent knowledge on designing, starting, and running business and other undertakings with the use of ICT and modern management methods and techniques. The students will gain skills in using information technologies, and innovative methods/techniques that support managerial work, and are indispensable for effective planning and organizing of economic undertakings and basic assets of a company.

The specialized knowledge gained by students concerns:

  • Design and choosing of business models,
  • Using modern information technologies and tools for running business,
  • Valuation and critical analysis of economic affairs’ profitability, risk estimation,
  • Applying for funds needed to start or develop a business,
  • Market analysis in the context of chances and hazards, as well as their critical estimation,
  • Design and organization of assets needed to start or develop a business or other economic activity.


On academic courses students gain many practical skills. The graduate will have expertise on:

  • Laying down organizational strategy and development plans,
  • Tasks planning and organizing,
  • Identifying organizational needs,
  • Pricing and estimating costs of developing and implementing innovations,
  • Preparing departmental budgets and design,
  • Team working.

Whom will you be?

After graduating this track, you will be prepared to establish your own, innovative business, also an electronic one, or to conduct other undertakings (events) also in the public sector – on the basis of organizational, information or computer innovations.

The graduate of this educational track will be ready to work as:

  • Assistant to the manager/owner in small and medium organizations,
  • Design or task team manager,
  • Innovation team leader in a SME,
  • Organizer of events in business or public sector.