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About the Faculty

The Faculty of Management was established on 1 October 2019 and continues the traditions of the Faculty of Management, founded in 1992. It was formerly called the Faculty of Industry Organization, which had started educating students on 11 January 1937, the first academic year at our University. 

The Faculty of Management is one of four Facultys at the University of Economics in Katowice, a state academic institution of higher education and one of the oldest universities in Silesia. 

The Faculty of Management conduct research in the field of management and quality studies, as well as economics and finance, includes 12 departments.

Tasks of the Faculty

Due to the implementation of a new strategy of the University of Economics in Katowice and the introduction of a new organizational structure, the tasks of the Faculty of Management include:

  • managing all affairs related to the research activity of departments included in the Faculty and allocating resources for research;
  • supporting the employees’ scientific initiatives;
  • motivating employees to prepare high quality scientific papers;
  • organizing, conducting and settling post-graduate studies;
  • performing proactive tasks related to the impact of research on the social and economic environment (one of the evaluation criteria);
  • cooperating with heads and employees of all departments and fostering the integration of the scientific community in the Faculty.

The aim of our activities is to ensure that our employees continue to publish papers and that we keep the current research category in the upcoming evaluation, which will have an impact on the future activities of the whole University.

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Accreditations and partners

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