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Guest lecturers for the UE Katowice students (ARIMA and FAB only)

Teacher's detailsCourse

Prof. dr Marijana Curak

University of Split, Faculty of Economics, Croatia

Financial Market Imperfections and the Role of Financial Institutions

Prof. dr Petra Kroflin

Duale Hochschule Ravensburg, Germany

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Systems

Prof. Lect. Kathrin Hessling

European University of Applied Sciences

Rhein-Erft (EUFH), Germany

Irrationalities in Decision Making (Behavioural Economics)

Prof. dr Barbara Schnieders

European University of Applied Sciences

Rhein-Erft (EUFH), Germany

Bubble Theory of Speculative Markets

Prof. dr Iryna Shkura

Alfred Nobel University, Ukraine

Business Etiquette and International Protocol

Prof. dr Katalin Vargáné Kiss

Széchenyi István University, Hungary

English for Banking and Finance

Guest lecturers - electives subjects

CourseTeacher's detailsTheme
Innovation & Strategic Management - selected aspects

Prof. dr Payan Silvia

EPHEC Business College-University


Innovations in strategic management

Prof. dr Attilia Ruzzene

Witten/Herdecke University, Italy

Is Management a Science or an Art?

Prof. dr Jur. Giorgos Christonakis

Berlin School of Economics & Law, Germany

Regulating Business with respect to Common Concerns

Sustainable Finance - selected aspects

Prof. dr Pieter van der Hoeven

Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Sustainable Finance

Prof. dr Andreas Woudenberg

Inholland University of Applied Sciences The Hague/Rotterdam, Netherlands

Ethics in Banking

International & European Taxation Systems

Prof. dr Katerina Krzikallova

VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Taxation in the Czech Republic and Poland  

Prof. Lect. Ron Van Zon

Fontys University Eindhoven

Tax cross-border Poland-Netherlands

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