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The tasks of the Accessibility Center

The tasks of the Accessibility Center include: representing the interests of persons with disabilities before the University authorities, the academic community and external entities, in particular:

  • taking action to ensure that persons with disabilities are respected and treated properly,
  • helping to ensure that persons with disabilities are provided with appropriate conditions for taking entrance, semester and final examinations,
  • ad hoc assistance in solving current problems of disabled students, doctoral students and employees of the University,
  • keeping records of disabled persons, in compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data,
  • issuing opinions for dean, heads of organizational units of the University and lecturers on organizational and technical difficulties related to the functioning of persons with disabilities,
  • representing the interests of disabled students and doctoral students before the University authorities and outside the University,
  • initiating and giving opinions on adaptation works in University buildings, including the elimination of architectural and transport barriers and access to information resources in alternative forms of recording (with particular emphasis on the visually impaired, blind, hearing impaired, deaf, etc.),
  • providing assistance to all organizational units in solving problems related to the functioning of persons with disabilities at the University, informing about support programs, cultural and scientific events, meetings and events for disabled students and doctoral students, both at universities and those organized by local, national and international centers.
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