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Rector's Representative for Accessibility and Disability

The Rector's Representative for Accessibility and Disability is dr Maria Gorczyńska, prof. UE.
Contact: Building A, Room No. 106, tel. 32-257-7960, e-mail:

The duties of the Rector's Representative include:

  • representing people requiring additional assistance before University bodies, the academic community and external entities;
  • making decisions on the allocation of funds for tasks related to ensuring that people requiring additional assistance are provided with conditions conducive to full participation in the process of admission to university, doctoral schools, education at university and doctoral schools, or conducting scientific activities;
  • reviewing applications for support or approving the provision of support to people requiring additional support according to the Rules and Regulations of the Accessibility Center;
  • taking action to ensure respect and proper treatment of people requiring additional assistance;
  • handling requests regarding lack of accessibility;
  • cooperation with the Accessibility Center.

The Rector's Representative may also undertake other activities in support of people requiring additional assistance, resulting from the implementation of ongoing tasks and plans, as well as those ordered by University bodies, including signed contracts and agreements with external entities.


In the academic year 2023/2024 – WINTER SEMESTER: in person, room No. 106, building A –current schedule (in Polish)

Contact via e-mail is also possible:


The responsibilities of the Rector's Representative for Accessibility and Disability are regulated by Order No. 85/23 (in Polish)

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