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Admissions 2024-2025

Admision process step by step

There is no fee for participating in the recruitment process.

1. Register in the online recruitment system. Complete your personal and address details.

2. Enter your Master's degree diploma details.

3. Upload a photo.

4. Register for the selected program.

5. Upload the research project outline. All other documents along with a printed version of the research project outline have to be submitted to the Admissions Office in the original. 

6. Submit the original documents to the Admissions Office (Katowice, Bogucicka 5, CNTI building, room 2/18). List of required documents and admission schedule can be found below. 

7. Attend an interview. You will be notified about the date via the recruitment system.

8. Check the results in your account in the recruitment system.

Admission schedule

15.05.2024 (08.00 am) - 14.06.2024 (02.00 pm) - registration in the IRK system

03.06.2024  - 14.06.2024 -  submission of original documents to the Admissions Office (CNTI building, room 2/18, Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 14.00, no prior appointment needed)

  • together with the application documents, a person with a disability may submit an application for adapting the rules and mode of the interview to the degree and type of disability

15.05.2024 - 11.06.2024 - submission of requests for delivery of documents in electronic form [request template]

  • scan of the signed request should be sent by email to: by June 11, 2024. Please note that your documents should be submitted in their hard copies in the original. If, for justified reasons, you are unable to submit documents to our office, you can submit a request  for delivery of documents in electronic form. Please, sign up for the chosen program in the IRK system before sending your request. 

26 – 28.06.2024 - interviews

31.07.2024 - results announcement 

Note! A candidate may take part in the recruitment process before he formally completes his studies and obtains a master's degree, provided that he submits a declaration during the recruitment process that the diploma of completion of master's studies or a certificate of completion of second-cycle or long-cycle master's studies will be delivered by July 19, 2024. The candidate does not will be officially admitted to the Doctoral School until he/she presents to the Admissions Office a document confirming obtaining the appropriate title within the prescribed deadline. The declaration template is attached as Appendix No. 2 to the recruitment resolution No. 22/2023/2024, which can be found at the bottom of this page. The diploma must be delivered immediately after receiving it.

General information about recruitment to the Doctoral School

Education at the Doctoral School is free of charge.

Required documents:

  • application for admission to the Doctoral School in the form of a printout from the online recruitment system  (IRK);
  • scientific CV prepared according to the PL / EN template [click to download];
  • application letter containing a description of predispositions and motivation to undertake scientific work;
  • original Master's degree diploma with a supplement or other document specifying the curriculum, or a certificate of passing the master's examination (until the diploma is delivered) along with a document specifying the curriculum (check below for additional requirements for foreign diplomas);
  • outline of a research project including: topic, clearly identified research gap, research area, research problem and objective, research methods and a literature list. The outline should contain  a preliminary plan, expected benefits of the research and the work timetable for the dissertation. The printed version of the outline should be submitted with the other required documents, and the electronic version should be attached in the IRK system;
  • documents confirming the knowledge of a modern foreign language at a language proficiency level of at least B2: diploma of graduation or a certificate. In the case of candidates for the program in English, these documents must certify the knowledge of the English language at a minimum level of B2. These documents are not required from a candidate who is a native speaker of English or a citizen of a country in which English is the official language, as well as persons who have completed a degree program taught in English.

In addition, a candidate for the Doctoral School may present:

  • list of publications and other scientific and research achievements along with documents confirming these achievements (in the case of publications: photocopy of pages confirming the title of the journal / monograph / textbook, name of the author, reviewers, publishing committee, table of contents and the entire article / chapter; in the case of participation in the scientific conference: certificate of participation in a scientific conference issued by the organizer, including the form of participation, date, place of the conference and the title of the presentation;
  • documents confirming additional qualifications relevant to the planned doctoral dissertation;
  • letter of recommendation from a research or research and teaching employee with experience in scientific and research cooperation with the candidate, indicating the nature and form of this cooperation.

The candidate is obliged to submit a set of original documents (in physical form) for admission to the Doctoral School by the deadline specified in the recruitment announcement. Documents submitted after this date will not be considered. In the case of documents sent by post, the date of submission of the documents is the date of receipt of the documents by the university.

NOTES: Documents should be submitted in a plastic sleeve, and the outline without the separate title page.

Candidates with a foreign diploma

For candidates who have obtained a degree diploma from a higher education institution outside the Republic of Poland, Articles 326 and 327 of the Law on Higher Education and Science shall apply accordingly, with the proviso that:

  • in the case of diplomas conferring the right to apply for the award of the doctoral degree in the country in whose higher education system the institution awarding the diploma operates, a candidate shall submit the legalized or apostilled original of their diploma, together with a supplement or other document specifying the program's curriculum. In the case of lack of the legalization/apostille the candidate is obliged to submit a statement confirming that they will provide legalized or apostilled documents by July 19, 2024. The statement template is attached as Appendix No. 1 to the recruitment resolution No. 22/2023/2024, which can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • in the case of diplomas or documents confirming the completion of higher education studies abroad and prepared in a language other than English or Polish, a candidate shall additionally provide their sworn translation into Polish or English.

Rules of admission to the Doctoral School

A candidate may obtain a maximum of 100 points in the qualification procedure, including for the evaluation of:

  1. compliance of education with the scientific disciplines in which the curriculum is implemented at the Doctoral School - maximum 10 points;
  2. academic achievements - maximum 10 points;
  3. outline of a research project - maximum 30 points;
  4. interview - maximum 45 points;
  5. letter of recommendation - 5 points.

 In the case of education’s compliance assessment, the candidate may obtain for compliance of:

  1. higher education - maximum 8 points;
  2. supplementary education - maximum 2 points.

 In the case of the evaluation of scientific achievements, the candidate may obtain for:

  1. publications - maximum 5 points;
  2. participation in research projects - maximum 2 points;
  3. participation in scientific conferences - maximum 2 points;
  4. other scientific and research activities - maximum 1 point.

In the case of an outline assessment, the candidate may obtain for:

  1. formulation of the research problem, including its originality and relevance, and its theoretical embedding in the literature - maximum 18 points;
  2. proposed method of solving the research problem - maximum 12 points.

In the case of evaluation of the interview, the candidate may obtain for:

  1. motivation and competencies to undertake scientific work - maximum 25 points;
  2. knowledge of research issues - maximum 20 points.

The recruitment procedure is conducted  by the Recruitment Committee appointed by the Rector. The basis for admission to the Doctoral School is the number of points obtained by the candidate in the qualification procedure, however not less than 50% of the maximum number of points a candidate can obtain. The minimum number of points qualifying for admission is determined by the Recruitment Committee.

A decision to refuse admission to the Doctoral School may be appealed for reconsideration within 14 days of the delivery of the decision.

Limits of places for the first year of education at the Doctoral School in the academic year 2024/2025:

  • for programs in Polish (Economics and finance as well as Management and quality studies) - 12 places
  • for programs in English (Ph.D. in Economics and Finance and Ph.D. in Management) - 8 places


Information on recruitment to the Doctoral School is provided by Mrs. Anna Maniura from the Admissions Office.


phone: (0048)32 257 7058  

Legal acts

Resolution No. 22/2023/2024 of the Senate of the University of Economics in Katowice of December 14, 2023 on the rules of admission to the Doctoral School in the academic year 2024/2025

Appendix No. 1 to Resolution No. 22/2023/2024 of the Senate of the University of Economics in Katowice of December 14, 2023

Appendix No. 2 to Resolution No. 22/2023/2024 of the Senate of the University of Economics in Katowice of December 14, 2023

Resolution No. 23/2023/2024 of the Senate of the University of Economics in Katowice of December 14, 2023 on the number of admissions in the first year of studies at the Doctoral School in the academic year 2024/2025



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