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Fees for foreign publications/on-line participation in international events

Fees for foreign publications and on-line participation in international events are the responsibility of the International Relations Office as an implementing unit. They apply to fees that have to be paid in foreign centres and are not related to foreign trips.

An employee applying for consent to pay a fee for a foreign publication/on-line participation in an international event should complete an application and provide required attachments. It should be submitted to the International Relations Office at least 14 working days before the deadline of payment. 

In case of group fees for students or doctoral students, it is possible to submit a group application by the group's substantive supervisor. In this case: 

  1.  the group’s substantive supervisor is an applicant, who provides her/his data and a number of persons for whom the fee is to be paid 
  2. a detailed list of persons for whom the fee is to be paid, together with a specification of cost per person have to be attached to the application. 

The group's substantive supervisor is responsible for correct settlement of the cost. 

If a publication fee is connected with a foreign trip, an employee should complete an appropriate application for a foreign trip and include the above mentioned fee. Information in this regard is provided in the section on foreign trips

A publication for which payment is to be made cannot contain results of scientific research, development work, or know-how that may be subject to commercialization. In this case, an employee is obliged to follow the procedure covered by the Regulation on the Management of Intellectual Property Rights at the University of Economics in Katowice

Provided that the Vice-Rector’s consent is obtained, cost of a fee for publication/on-line participation in an international event may be settled at the University. The procedure specified in the Order of the Rector of the University of Economics in Katowice No. 53/15 applies here. 

Only a complete application is submitted to the Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations for decision. 

The purchase of service of paper publication in journals and conference materials from foreign contractors (without participation of an author of a paper in a conference) is taxed in Poland at the VAT rate of 23%. The fee paid to foreign contractor is the net amount to which tax is calculated and paid to the tax office in Poland.  

In order to settle the cost of publication/on-line participation in a conference, the employee applying for consent to pay the fee is obliged to obtain a document from the relevant entity, confirming the expense incurred and submit it to the International Relations Office.  

When concluding a transaction with a foreign contractor, every care should be taken to ensure that the issued invoice includes correct University data: 

Full name:

UL. 1 MAJA 50

Tax Identification Number in European format: PL 6340008825 

*The form in English is for informational purposes only to facilitate completing the application in Polish. It should be noted that applications have to be submitted only in Polish.

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