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Our Tasks

In particular, our Office is responsible for:

  1. supporting the governing authorities in the verification process of activities related to internationalization implemented in our University for compliance with the Strategy and recommendations of assessing institutions;

  2. internally informing and promoting the main goals of the Development Strategy (in terms of internationalization) and the Internationalization Strategy of the University with particular emphasis on the following priorities:

    • international networks and research and business projects;

    • international teaching offer;

    • culture of internationalization;

  3. developing proposals for operational goals regarding internationalization of our University and supporting the governing authorities in implementing recommendations of assessing institutions;

  4. participating in accreditation acquisition teams, communicating with assessing institutions, participating in meetings and workshops;

  5. providing all administrative and organizational work and assistance to substantive coordinators responsible for obtaining international accreditations, including administrative handling of projects that are co-financing the accreditations;

  6. implementing activities aimed at the internationalization of our University, in particular:

    • launching and operating a service center (Welcome Point) for foreign short- and long-term students, doctoral students and academic staff;

    • developing and coordinating a program for building relationships with international graduates "UEKat for life";

    • consulting and supporting academic staff in obtaining funding sources for projects aimed at developing internationalization;

  7. organizing and supporting our University’s international events, including activities aimed at integration and building relationships with students, doctoral students and foreign employees;

  8. cooperating with the institutional environment in organizing and legalizing stay of foreign students, doctoral students and employees at our University;

  9. coordinating activities aimed at creating a positive image of our University (international "branding") as a hub that brings together experts and educates high-quality graduates sought after on the labor market at home and abroad;

  10. coordinating activities related to our University’s and staff’s participation in international academic cooperation networks and international consortia, including  an analysis of the relevance of participation from a substantive and financial point of view;

  11. participating in associations, networks, events, meetings, etc. related to internationalization, e.g. NAWA, EAIE, SUN consortium;

  12. submitting expenditure plans, preparing material and financial plans and public procurement plans, including keeping the public procurement register within the scope provided for in the guidelines to the Public Procurement Manual;

  13. analyzing requests and preparing documentation related to the selection of a translation contractor;

  14. cooperating and supporting International Relations, the Teaching Office and other units of our University in the area of internationalization.

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