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Procedure for applying for membership in international academic cooperation networks

A staff member seeking approval for institutional or individual membership in an international network should pursue the following procedure:

  1. preparing a letter to Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations Prof. Sławomir Smyczek, Ph.D., with a request for approval of membership, along with information on the benefits the University will receive by belonging to a given network/consortium. In the case of a membership fee, the amount and source of funding should be indicated in the letter,

  2. forwarding the letter to Internationalization for membership review and funds confirmation in the case of a membership fee financed by the University's funds,

  3. forwarding the letter to the Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations by Internationalization,

  4. forwarding Vice-Rector's decision by the Rector's Office to the applicant and Internationalization,

  5. arranging with Internationalization further steps for payment and settlement of payments in case of memberships requiring membership fee.

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