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  1. control of the state of occupational health and safety and fire protection at the University, taking actions aimed at eliminating the identified irregularities and applying for improvement of working and teaching conditions;
  2. submitting motions or taking decisions on exclusion from use of installations, apparatus, machinery and equipment posing a threat to health or life;
  3. conducting and organizing OHS and fire protection trainings for employees and students, as well as control of knowledge of OHS and fire protection regulations;
  4. cooperation with the social labour inspectorate and trade union organizations in undertaking activities aimed at compliance with the regulations and rules of occupational health and safety;
  5. giving opinions on investment projects and modernization of facilities and equipment of the University;
  6. developing OHS and fire protection plans at the University; carrying out annual and periodic analyses of the implementation of the tasks set out in these plans;
  7. setting standards for the consumption of materials in constant use (personal hygiene products, office supplies, protective and work clothing);
  8. cooperation with the National Labour Inspectorate, Fire Service Headquarters, Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Social Insurance Institution and other institutions whose tasks include occupational health and safety and fire protection.
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