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The tasks of the Payroll include, in particular:

  • planning remuneration and resources for remuneration, preparation of data for the material and financial plan, analysis of the use of the fund and settlement of remuneration;
  • calculation of salaries resulting from the employment relationship and from civil law contracts in accordance with current regulations, keeping appropriate documentation;
  • calculating scholarships for traineeships financed from internal and external sources;
  • calculation of salaries for foreigners, taking into account relevant legislation and double taxation treaties, conducting settlements with foreign institutions;
  • determination and calculation of tax on salaries, preparation of annual information on income and deducted advance payments for income tax, keeping documentation for tax purposes;
  • making deductions from bailiffs and other deductions in respect of employees in accordance with applicable laws;
  • preparation of a distribution list of payments made for monthly periods;
  • handling matters related to social and health insurance of employees, contractors and persons receiving internship scholarships, reporting the insured and settlement of contributions;
  • registration of students and doctoral students for health insurance, calculation of premiums, preparation of statements of contributions reimbursed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, cooperation with dean's offices in the scope of determining the status of insured persons;
  • settlement of contributions to the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled;
  • preparing reports for statistical and other purposes arising from the obligations of the higher education institution in the scope in question;
  • maintaining a central register of civil law contracts concluded with natural persons, preparing reports;
  • maintaining a public procurement register within the scope provided for in the guidelines for the Public Procurement Manual, expenditure control;
  • issuing of payroll certificates and documents confirming insurance coverage, right to benefits and information on due social and health insurance contributions;
  • timely performance of public law obligations in the amount resulting from the correct calculation, in such a way as to prevent the non-performance of obligations resulting in the payment of interest, penalties or fees.


  • handling matters relating to social and health insurance for employees, students and doctoral students and participants in doctoral programmes;
  • providing comprehensive payroll services for academic teachers;
  • providing comprehensive payroll services for nonacademic staff - a group of administrative staff;
  • providing comprehensive payroll services for nonacademic staff - a group of service staff;
  • providing support for the process of implementation of civil law contracts;
  • handling the process of execution of civil law contracts.
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