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The Center for Research and Development - CBiR (until September 30, 2020 the Center for Research and Knowledge Transfer, before March 25, 2015 it functioned as the Center for Research and Expertise) began its activities in 1995 and functions as a university-wide organizational unit of the University of Economics in Katowice. The founder and long-time Director of the Center for Research and Expertise was Prof. Zofia Kędzior, PhD.

The mission of CBiR is to integrate the scientific and research community in the process of providing professional research, consulting and educational services.

CBiR is registered in the "Central Consultancy Register PHARE/TACIS" in Brussels. No POL-20548.

Long-time CBiR Director Dr. Robert Wolny, Prof. of the EU, and Head of the Research, Expertise and Consulting Department are members of the Polish Association of Market and Opinion Researchers.

The Research and Development Center of the University of Economics in Katowice includes the Department of Postgraduate Studies and Training and the Department of Research, Expertise and Consulting. 

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