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Scope of tasks of the Scientific Excellence Office

The task of the Office is to coordinate national scientific and research activities of the University, and include, in particular:

  • providing administrative and financial services with regard to projects and other initiatives financed from grants for statutory activities;
  • providing financial services with regard to research projects financed in a competitive procedure from the state budget for science (research projects of the National Science Center, the National Center for Research and Development, research projects financed from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, other);
  • raising funds for scientific and research activities;
  • disseminating information on the possibilities of financing scientific and research activities;
  • preparing and keeping documentation of research projects and studies carried out;
  • providing organizational and substantive support for the work of the Senate Committee for Science and the Committee for the Review of Scientific Research Projects;
  • providing formal support in respect of agreements concerning the implementation of research works, consortium agreements and agreements on scientific and research cooperation;
  • providing assistance in respect of domestic business trips carried out within the framework of scientific and research projects and scientific conferences;
  • handling payments related to publications in Poland and abroad;
  • developing programs, long-term and annual plans for scientific and research activities of the University;
  • cooperating with other units of the University in the scope of scientific and research activities;
  • providing financial services with regard to national scientific conferences organized by the UE units.
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