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Preliminary information

On 1 October 2019, pursuant to Resolution No. 92/19 of 24 September 2019 of the Rector of the University of Economics in Katowice on the introduction of the Organizational Regulations of the UE in Katowice, the name of the Faculty Libraries was changed into a Specialist Library.

Since February 2014, our collections have been collected and made available in the Multimedia Reading Room on the third floor of the building of the Centre for Modern Information Technologies (CNTI).                         

In our new headquarters we enable, among other things, the use of the SL resources on site and lending outside. We also provide access to all databases subscribed by the Main Library of our University. We invite you to use the services of the Specialist Library.

Subscriptions, loans, EU SL Regulations.

The following persons shall have the right to borrow collections from the EU Specialist Library:

  • the UE research and teaching staff,
  • the UE students of the 1st,2nd and 3rd cycle studies,
  • students of the UE post-graduate programs,
  • other UE Staff.

Other persons may use the resources of the UE Specialist Library only on site. The use of the collections on site does not require the creation of a reader's account.                                                                                        

The basis for the entitlement to borrow the collections of the UE Specialist Library is to have a reader’s account in the UE US library network.

In order to create a reader's account it is necessary to:

  • fill in and send online the form - "Reader's registration" - in the section Entries to the library;
  • to be made in person at the Lending Library of the UE Specialist Library or CINiBA, within 14 days from the date of sending the form, authorizing the data and signing the Reader's Declaration.

When authorizing the data:

  • the UE staff hold - a personal identity card and a valid work card/electronic work card;
  • the UE students/doctoral candidates present a current student electronic ID card;
  • post-graduate students hold a student card or are on the lists confirming their participation in the studies (at the disposal of on-duty librarians).

NOTE: Newly created account is blocked until personal data authorization. In the absence of personal authorization, after 14 days from sending the form - the account expires, and its creation requires the re-sending of the form.                      

A reader’s account is opened by persons who have never borrowed from the network of Silesian University and UE libraries or who move to the next level of studies. The remaining readers activate the card in the appropriate library.

Limits on borrowed books and lending period in force in the Specialist Library


Limit of books

Lending period


UE research and teaching staff


16 weeks

three extensions

Other UE staff


16 weeks

three extensions

Students, PhD students and post-graduate students of the UE post-graduate programs


4 weeks

three extensions

Extensions are possible in cases where:

  • for any of the borrowed books the deadline for return has not expired,
  • the reader's account in the integrated library and information system is not encumbered with unpaid penalties,,
  • the book has not been reserved by another reader.  
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