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Framework tasks of the Specialist Library

  1. Collecting and making available Polish and foreign books and magazines in printed and electronic form, dedicated to teaching in higher years of studies and related to the fields of scientific research conducted at the University, as well as taking into account the specific needs of students of the  Rybnik Branch.
  2. Day-to-day service of various categories of readers.
  3. Co-organization of access to national and foreign databases, including databases available only in the Multimedia Library and Reading Room.
  4. Execution of orders and collection and making available of highly specialized literature financed from funds for scientific research, ordered by scientific and didactic employees.
  5. Creating and making available, under separate rules, a collection of literature in English for the needs of students and academic staff of fields of study conducted in that language.
  6. Cooperation with deans in defining the directions of development of the Specialist Library and planning and allocating adequate funds for the purchase of literature within the framework of the statutory activity of the faculty.
  7. Archiving and making doctoral and scientific research papers available, including creating and making a digital repository of doctoral theses available online.
  8. Cooperation with the NUKAT - The Union Catalogue of Polish Research Library Collections and the Prolib database in terms of preparing and entering bibliographic records.
  9. Provision of scientific information services, including free of charge performance of bibliographic and netographic searches for employees and students of the University.
  10. Popularization of the activities of the Specialist Library, including the preparation of cyclical exhibitions of new books, information campaigns aimed at visitors to the library, updating the website, managing the bookcrossing shelf, etc.
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