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Global Village

During each edition of the "Economics without borders" project, a Global Village will be organized on campus. It will be a kind of an interactive exhibition, where students, supervised by lecturers, will prepare special zones/booths showcasing facts and cultural aspects of different countries and continents. The aim of the Global Village is to engage students and provide visitors with information about a given continent, especially its economic and social characteristics, in a fun and accessible manner.

Each Global Village will be dedicated to the continents and countries that the scientists hosted during the event come from. UE Katowice students will play the role of guides - they will run economic knowledge competitions and trivia games, as well as prepare multimedia presentations and posters with interesting facts about a given continent/country, basic phrases in a particular language, traditional clothes, etc. These activities should encourage participants to travel, explore new cultures, learn languages and broaden their horizons, including scientific ones.

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