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Juice it up Thursdays

The idea behind producing freshly made juices is an expression of concern for the health of our students – a reminder to consume healthy snacks. This recurring event will also be a great opportunity to socialize and establish new relationships. The initiative will be accompanied by additional activities implemented in social media, such as the selection of fruits and vegetables, for example. The juicer will also be available to students on other days, whenever they can bring fruits. All activities related to the event will be carried out at Welcome Point. Scheduled to run every other Thursday from October 2023 to December 2024.


"Juice it up Thursdays " schedule in 2023

12 October1:30 p.m. "Fresh start - get to know the power mixtUrE"  
26 October 12:00 p.m.   "Have a (fruity) shot with us!"   
16 NovemberTBC  "Fruitful Networking"  
30 November 1:30 p.m.   "UE squeezes all the juices"/ "UElixir lesson"  
14 December1:30 p.m.   "Let the ginger warm you!"   

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