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Testimonials ESTW 2016


Erasmus Staff Training Week 2016

"Soft Skills in the International Setting"


Testimonials from participants:

Selma Demirović            
University of Montenegro

I think that the organization of this staff week was the best and highest ranked point! Everything was perfectly planned and managed, program was very, very good. We had interesting and seriously devoted working hours, but also a lot of fun and other useful parts of the program, in order to meet Polish culture, language, history. The group was very good, I met a lot of interesting people with whom I will stay in touch, professionally and personally. I am impressed with commitment and organizational skills of International Relations Office of University of Economics in Katowice, who are responsible for one of the most beautiful weeks of my life.

Marianne McLaren
The University of the West of Scotland
United Kingdom
The organisation of the International team was fantastic! Second to none!! I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. The programme was full and varied and I learned a great deal. I had an amazing experience and I want to stay in touch with the team and again return to The University of Economics, Katowice!
Mariana Gulovych
National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"
Staff Training Week became a truly memorable and encouraging experience which let me meet highly skilled colleagues, visit amazing and unique places, discuss vital issues of work and personal life, learn and apply tools for managing own life balance and techniques for dealing with stress. The program and arrangements were perfectly though out. A fantastic team of International relations office provided us with a warm welcome, cheerful atmosphere, effective support and guidance in the run-up to, during and after the Staff week. Social program of the week was extremely interesting and comprehensive. I was extremely impressed by the design, incredible acoustics and musicians of National Polish Radio Symphonic Orchestra in Katowice. Everything was top notch! Training techniques help me to keep my life balanced and manage stress. Dealing with balance encouraged me to try slacklining. It is incredible! I’m grateful to each member of International Relations Office team for the hard work and efforts you did to organize outstanding and extremely useful Erasmus Staff Training Week with well thought out social program and cheerful atmosphere. You have done a brilliant job!
Marta Spínola Aguiar
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
I really liked this staff week. It was my first international experience and i really recommend this one. I had the chance to meet great people, great organizers and great places. Everything was perfect and my expectations for others staff weeks are high. Everyone should learn how to organize something with these 5 ladies. Congratulations, you were the best and i really miss you all.

Daniela-Lavinia Pîrîu
“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași

Everything was well thought out, well done and we felt excellent in this International Staff Week. I'd like to be a host as good as you were.
Kundyz Mukatayeva
S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar
State University
It was a great new experience and an amazing international week with lots of interesting and useful information. It was full not only from the educational perspective, but also from cultural and even spiritual side.  


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