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Conditions of granting the logo

To get the HR Excellence in Research logo you must meet certain conditions and go through a complicated accreditation process.

Examples of requirements:

  1. Introduction of "quality" elements (achievements or progress). Quality begins to be assessed from the implementation phase, because progress and quality of activities along with other co-occurring measures, such as the "inclusion" of HRS4R processes are also assessed. At this stage, experts assess the state of quality improvement.
  2. Acceptance of visits and analysis of documentation. The scheme of visits at the applicant university is structured and strengthened in a way to ensure the possibility of conducting interviews with all key representatives at separate private meetings and an in-depth analysis of documentation. The individual assessment of each expert is one of the stages of preparing for a visit to the institution that applies for the HR LOGO. The quality assessment element is included in both the documentation assessment and the assessment during the visit.
  3. Passing a thorough analysis. The grades at each stage have been reinforced with 6 new, structured and harmonized formulas. The new structure allows for a comparative study of data and an analysis of lacks, action plans, etc. compared to the guidelines.
  4. Addressing all 40 rules. It is not allowed to meet only part of the requirements - all 40 C&C requirements should be addressed.
  5. Passing the analysis of lacks and the action plan. Coherence between the analysis of shortcomings and the action plan is (in the light of the strengthened procedure) analyzed by external experts - one should show both awareness of possible shortcomings and the proposed correction implementation methods. This point is mandatory.
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