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Multimedia materials

In line with common trends, financial discipline and concern for the environment, we encourage you to replace printed materials with multimedia materials using interactive media.

Film materials

As a video is seen as one of the best ways to communicate content and promote on the Internet, we encourage you to use our films for this purpose. All materials are available on the university YouTube channel:

It is possible to broadcast the organised events/conferences online in the Advanced Information Technology Center (CNTI). Contact the IT Center on this matter.

It is possible to upload videos to the university YouTube channel, as well as embed it in the news feed. The film should meet the following criteria:

  • its resolution should be of good quality (min. 720p);
  • may not contain illegal, offensive or inappropriate content.

In order to publish film materials, please contact New Media (e-mail or tel. 32 259 7120).


Any information published on the University's website may be accompanied by photographs taken in accordance with the following requirements:

  • they must have a direct link to the topic described;
  • they must be in a suitable resolution (not less than 800x600 px);
  • they must have good exposure.

The final decision on whether a photo is suitable for publication on the website is made by the editor of the website.

Photo gallery

If an event with more than one image is described, it is possible to create a photo gallery that will appear among the albums on the website. Photographs should meet all the requirements outlined above. The maximum number of images is 10.

Use of university photographs

New Media has a database of university photos. We encourage you to use them. Most of them are available in photo galleries. In order to obtain photos, please contact New Media (e-mail or tel. 32 259 7120).

Photographic services

New Media does not provide photographic and film services. We constantly cooperate with photographers and film-makers. If you need to order such a service, please contact New Media (e-mail: or tel. 32 259 7154).

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