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Rules concerning the presence of the University of Economics in Katowice in social media

Social media have become a popular channel of communication, building and maintaining relations with candidates, students, employees and graduates of the University, hence the active presence of the University of Economics in Katowice on the following platforms:

Rules of publishing information on social media sites

  • The administrator of the university account in a given social media decides about placing information on a given platform and adjusting the text to a given platform.
  • The post/entry should concern the University and/or areas related to the activities of the University, be simple and short, contain the most important information: who? what? where? when? how? why? etc. 
  • We reserve the right to interfere with the submitted content in order to adapt it to the specificity of the given social networking site.
  • Information that has been published on the University's website may be appropriately edited and published in the social media profiles of the University.
  • In the case of a wish to place information on a profile maintained in English (Facebook, Twitter) or Russian (VKontakte), the submitted content should be prepared in the appropriate language.
  • The University does not provide advertising services on its profiles in the media and does not promote commercial events not related to the University unless it cooperates with a given organization.

Posting photos in social media

  • A maximum of 10 photos can be published per event.
  • The resolution of the images is min. 800x600 px.
  • In case of sending poor quality photos or without the author's consent to their publication, we reserve the right not to publish them.

Posting audio and video files

  • Films and promotional audio should be prepared in accordance with the principles of online marketing, i.e. they should be short and interesting in terms of their content.
  • Files should be uploaded with .avi, .wmv, .mp3 or .mp4 extension.
  • In case of too long a film/audio, its poor quality or lack of the author's consent to make the material available, we reserve the right to refuse publication.
  • It is possible to post films from lectures/seminars etc. on the University profile.

Setting-up of new profiles

If a unit associated with the University would like to start communication through social media, it should – before performing any activities in a given medium – report to New Media. All activities in which the name of the University or its logo is used should be agreed with New Media and take into account the rules of presence in social media and the University's Visual Identification System.

Paid campaigns

Campaigns related to the promotion of particular fields of study, events, etc. may be conducted only on dedicated profiles, it is not possible to implement them on the official profiles of the University. The basis for starting a paid campaign is obtaining consent for its implementation and disbursement of related funds.

Step-by-step procedure:

  • Completing the order template with signature and stamp in the “Ordering Party” and “Confirmation of funds by the unit administering the funds” fields.
  • Sending the order to New Media (DNM) no later than 15 working days before the planned campaign.
  • Sending the materials used in the campaign to DNM to assess compliance with the Visual Identification System.
  • Receive DNM's approval to start the campaign (once all required signatures have been collected on the order and 0% VAT rate has been agreed with Facebook).
  • Sending the invoice to DNM for settlement.


The deadline of 15 working days is non-negotiable due to the need to submit a campaign in order to obtain a correct invoice with 0% VAT rate. Otherwise, the invoice will not be settled and the funds will not be refunded.

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