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Rules for Employee Loans and Savings Fund (Polish acronym: PKZP) membership

  1. The following persons may be members of PKZP at the University of Economics in Katowice:
    • each permanent University employee;
    • fixed-term employees, employed, however, for a period of not less than 1 year;
    • recipients of pensions - former University employees.
  2. Each new member of PKZP pay a single payment as an entry fee, in the amount of 3 % of remuneration, which is deducted from the first remuneration following that fee.
  3. PKZP members have the contributions for the Association deducted from their remunerations in the amount of 3% of remuneration, which are recorded on a separate account of PKZP. Membership contributions and loans granted to PKZP members bear no interest.
  4. A new PKZP member has the right to a first loan after paying an entry fee and two subsequent contributions.
  5. A maximum amount of loan may be equal to the sum of three times the gross remuneration and contributions gathered, and in the case of: recipients of pensions, persons on unpaid, maternity and extended parental leaves – the amount of contribution gathered.
  6. A loan is granted on the basis of a request – where the value of a loan is higher than the contribution gathered, security in the form of a guarantee provided by two University employees is required. A PKZP member may be a guarantor of only 2 loans.
  7. Long-term loans are granted for a period which cannot exceed 36 months. In the case of permanent employees - for a period which cannot exceed the period of employment.
  8. In cases justified by fortuitous events, the PKZP Management Board may, upon the guarantors’ consent, defer the repayment of the loan for the period of up to 6 months.
  9. A PKZP member has the right to an additional loan – the total debt cannot exceed the maximum amount of a long-term loan.
  10. Loan installments are deducted from remuneration based on payroll. Where it is impossible to make a deduction, a member is obligated to pay the installment to the association or to the bank account of PKZP, also in the case of deducting part of the installment from remuneration.
  11.  Loan requests are submitted at the Rector's Office (ul. 1 Maja 50), room 2/25, tel. 48 32257-7174
  12. Loans are disbursed:
  • in the form of a transfer: ca. on the 5th and 20th day of each month;
  • in the form of cash at the University Cash Desk: ca. on the 15th day of each month.

    13.  Removal from the list of PKZP members takes place:

  • at the written request of a PKZP member;
  • in the event of the termination of employment, with the exception of retirement;
  • in the event of PKZP member’s death;
  • following the decision of the PKZP Management Board taken due to failure to comply with obligations specified in the Statutes by a member.

    14.  Persons removed from the list of PKZP members are entitled – after settling the account – to reimbursement of           membership contributions after the lapse of 2 months of the removal date.

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