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Trade Unions

There are two trade unions at the University of Economics in Katowice:

A trade union is a social organization which brings together people of paid employment on a voluntary basis. Its aim is to defend the socio-economic interests. It may be created according to the criteria of the industry of production, of the profession or region in which it operates. The unions can further develop self-aid, educational and cultural activities.

In accordance with the Act on Trade Unions of 23 May 1991 (Journal of Laws 1991 No 55, item 234):

  • A trade union shall be a voluntary and self-governing organization of the employees, founded to represent and defend their rights, occupational and social interests.
  • In pursuing its statutory activities a trade union shall be independent from employers, state administration, territorial self-government, and other organizations.
  • State and territorial self-government authorities as well as the employers shall treat trade unions equally.
  • The right to found and join trade unions shall be given to the employees regardless of the employment relation basis, members of agricultural production cooperatives, and persons who perform work on the basis of an agency contract if they are not employers.
  • No person shall bear negative consequences of their membership or non-membership
    in a trade union or performance of a function within the trade union. In particular this cannot constitute a condition for conclusion of an employment relationship, maintenance of such a relationship, or promotion.
  • To proceedings in respect of infringement of the prohibition of unequal treatment in employment as a result of belonging to a trade union or to remain outside the employment relationship or to carry out trade union functions in respect of persons other than workers referred to in paragraph 1. 1 shall apply the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure of 17 November 1964 (Dz. (Polish Journal of Laws) of 2018, item 1360, 1467, 1499 and 1544) on proceedings in matters of Labor law. The competent court of employment is the court with jurisdiction to hear those cases.
  • The Statutes and the provincial regulations set out freely the organizational structure of trade unions. Only the statutory bodies of the structure of the trade union with legal personality may undertake their financial obligations.
  • A trade union is formed by a resolution on its formation made by at least 10 persons entitled to form trade unions.
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