General procedure for authorship evaluation

  1. The Procedure of checking the originality of written diploma dissertations applies to all the dissertations prepared under supervision by the students of the University of Economics in Katowice and submitted for the defense.
  2. Checking the dissertations involve identification of the unauthorized borrowing by indicating possible similarities in the dissertation under evaluation and texts available in the system database and in the Internet.
  3. For the purpose of conducting the procedure of checking the originality of the dissertation the student is required to submit to the supervisor the following documents by email:

    • Electronic version of the dissertation 
    • Statement of authorship of the dissertation.

  4. The supervisor is required to check the originality with the use of JSA system within 7 days from receiving the dissertation.  
  5. The supervisor records the dissertation evaluation in the JSA system, uploads the electronic version of the dissertation into the JSA system and initiates one-time check of the content. Should the supervisor check the dissertation more than once, he/she would be required to provide explanation within “Minutes of re-check the dissertation originality”.
  6. The supervisor having completed the analysis of authorship of the dissertation and having accepted it in the JSA system requests the dissertation to be accepted for the defense or, in case of risen indicator of percentage similarity (PRP), undertakes explanatory actions.
  7. In the event of accepting the dissertation for the diploma examination, the supervisor submits to the Dean’s Office the following: the dissertation, signed general probability report and the review, also supervisor statement.