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Procedure for assessing the authorship of final dissertations

1. The anti-plagiarism procedure is used to assess the authorship of students' written dissertations using the Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System (JSA).

2. The procedure applies to all dissertations developed at the University, with the exception of works containing information protected under provisions of the protection of classified information, which are not subject to examination in JSA

3. The procedure consists of identifying unauthorized borrowings by pointing out any similarities found in a dissertation based on texts found in JSA reference databases.

4. A student submits the final and previously approved version of the dissertation for assessment of the authorship to their Supervisor via email (from the account in domain) in a file saved in one of the following formats: txt, pdf, doc, docx, odt, rtf or any other extension compatible with the requirements for attaching the file in JSA.

5. The file name should include and be written as follows: and (in lowercase).

6. A student shall submit the Declaration on the authorship along with their dissertation. The template of the Declaration is attached as Appendix No. 2 to the Order.

7. The dissertation's Supervisor is obliged to check its authorship using JSA system within 7 days of receiving the dissertation, but no later than June 30 (for theses submitted by the 1st deadline) and September 30 (for theses submitted by the 2nd deadline).

8. A Supervisor registers the dissertation’s assessment in JSA and enters an electronic version of the dissertation into JSA for assessment and analysis.

9. A Supervisor may exclude parts of a dissertation from the assessment when, in their opinion, such parts do not provide sufficient similarity to the source or have their justification in the dissertation.

10. A Supervisor may, without the assessment's results, return a dissertation to a student for further revision.

11. A Supervisor, after the anti-plagiarism procedure: requests the dissertation’s admittance to the final examination by approving it in JSA, or, in the case of Resemblance Percentage (PRP) threshold being exceeded – undertakes investigations.

12. In the case of admitting a dissertation to the final examination, a Supervisor sends electronically to the Student Services the following documents: dissertation, signed General Probability Report, review and their Opinion.



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