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Master thesis defence

The defense of master's and bachelor's theses from the summer semester 2021/22 will be held in the traditional way - on campus. 

During the diploma examination carried out on a full-time basis, students receive 3 questions about the diploma thesis (the Order of the Rector of the University of Economics in Katowice No. 74/20 of June 1, 2020).

The diploma thesis is submitted only in electronic form.

All matters regarding the receipt of diplomas should be directed by e-mail or by phone (after 30 days from defense) to the defense and graduate service department, according to the division into fields of study.

The dissertation's Supervisor is obliged to check its authorship using JSA system within 7 days of receiving the dissertation, but no later than June 30 (for theses submitted by the 1st deadline) and September 30 (for theses submitted by the 2nd deadline).

Diploma examination - internal procedure for students 

Dissertation documents

Formal requirements of final dissertations

General procedure for authorship evaluation

Choice of thesis supervisor

Supervisor Seminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
prof. dr hab. inż. Celina Olszak
Department of Business Informatics

Seminar related topics:
Business analytics; Business intelligence and Big data; Artificial intelligence; Organizational creativity support; Management information systems; Customer relationship management; Knowledge management systems; e-commerce; e-business

Sample topics of dissertation:
Analysis of Internet business value creation strategies;
Managing the digital fir;
Networked enterprise;
E-business strategy for an SME;
Social media in the process of e-commerce;
E-commerce strategies in building of customer relationship;
Business intelligence for decision making;
Big data for decision making;
Competing on Analytics (e.g. on the example of Google Analytics);
Analysis of Internet branding strategies;
Marketing strategy on the Internet;
Advertising strategy for an e-business;
Critical evaluation of an e-commerce company’s advertising strategy;
Measuring e-commerce advertising success;
Analysis of m-commerce business models;
Organizational creativity support;
Artificial intelligence in value creation;
Management in virtual environment;
Internet of Thinks (e.g. marketing aspects)

dr hab. Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska
Department of Market and Marketing Research 

Seminar related topics:
1. Building the image of an organization on social media.
2. The role and importance of the organization’s identity in achieving its strategic goals.
3. Measurements of public relations activities on social media.
4. Determination of the reputation of the e-commerce organization.
5. Crisis management on social media.
6. Development of a public relations strategy for the organization.
7. Customer behaviour on the Internet.

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Investigating the public relations strategies on the Internet employed by traditional retailers during the Covid-19 pandemic.
2. Retaining customers by employing e-Commerce: A case study of the Polish footwear industry
3. Understanding the effect of stakeholder behaviour on Internet public relations strategies
4. Impact of coronavirus on PR strategies for e-Commerce.

dr hab. Małgorzata Dziembała, prof. UE
Department of International Economic Relations

Seminar related topics:
international economics, international economic integration, EU economic policy, EU cohesion policy and EU funds, innovation, innovation policy, digital Europe, ICT and development of countries and regions, including EU, internationalisation of companies

Sample topics of dissertation:
The role of EU funds in supporting ICT in Poland, in regions;
EU support for enterprises, including SMEs;
Foreign direct investments in the IT sector, in the companies;
Internationalisation of the companies based on the example X;
Internationalisation process of the innovative company based on the example;
Digital single market;
Start-ups in selected sectors, inlcuding ICT start-ups, etc.

dr hab. Maria Mach-Król, prof. UE
Department of Business Informatics

Seminar related topics:
E-business (e-commerce, e-banking, e-marketing, etc.); Business Intelligence and big data; artificial intelligence; decision support systems; (big) data analytics in enterprises

Sample topics of dissertation:
The use of intelligent systems in marketing;
Use of an intelligent system in an e-commerce website;
Expert / intelligent systems as a tool for supporting e-commerce;
The computer games market in the era of e-sport development;
IT tools used to create reports in controlling on the example of SAP Hana;
Intelligent recommendation systems and e-consumer behavior;
E-gambling as a special form of entertainment;
Usability of various data mining methods for big data analytics;
Big data analytics for marketing purposes;
Models of big data adoption in enterprises depending on industry

dr hab. Tomasz Ingram, dr hab. prof. UE
Department of Entrepreneurship and Management Innovation 

Seminar related topics:

Sample topics of dissertation:

dr hab. Julia Włodarczyk, prof. UE
Department of Economics

Seminar related topics:
Information economics, digital economy and its sectors, digital society, digital divide, digital skills, data value chains, digital single market, digital platforms and platformization of the economy, differences between developed and developing countries in terms of digitalization, student’s proposals

Sample topics of dissertation:
E-commerce in Europe under digital single market;
E-commerce in … (selected countries or regions);
Digital skills in European countries;
Impact of digitalization on … (selected market);
COVID-19 as an accelerator of digital transformation;
Digital transformation and income inequalities;
Digitalization and global environmental challenges;
Crowdfunding in the third sector, etc.

dr hab. Jan Acedański,prof. UE
Department of Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Economics  

Seminar related topics:
Any topic involving data analysis (forecasting, descriptive statistics, multivariate data analysis). The data analysis needs not to be sophisticated. Applications of simple methods are very much welcome. 

Sample topics of dissertation:

- Development of the e-commerce market in Poland
- Sales forecasting in company X
- Analysis of a website user behaviour 
- Segmentation of customers of a company X


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