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IB Language Class Enrolment 2023/2024

Dear IB Students

We are happy to invite you to join your two language courses for 2023/2024. Please, analyse the schedule and choose two courses you would like to attend this year.

The enrolment starts in USOSweb at 1 pm, Friday, 29 September. Study the schedule posted below before you make your decision. Please make the decision by Monday, 2 October.

Remember that you cannot choose the same language at the same level you studied last year unless no higher level is available.

IB Language Class Schedule 2023/2024 is HERE. You need to be logged into your university account to access it.

Each form will close automatically after it reaches the limit we have set, so act quickly. When the form for a given course closes, you will not be able to join. In this case, choose a different course. The English course is NOT obligatory - you can choose anytwo languages you want.

It is important you make a prompt and responsible choice as it will be IMPOSSIBLE to change a language course at a later date.


Language classes are held in building N (ul. Adamskiego 7, Katowice).

We look forward to receiving your choices for 2023/2024.


Team @ UE Katowice Foreign Language Center 

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