Choice of thesis supervisor

 Supervisor Seminar related topics/ Sample topics of dissertation
dr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka
Department of Economics

Seminar related topics:
efficiency of the economic system, monetary policy, inflation, unemployment, economic growth and development, business cycles. 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The efficiency of South Korean/Japanese/Norwegian/Venzuelian/etc... economic system.
2. The effect of inflation on economic growth and development in Chile/in Poland/etc...
3. The causes and effects of economic crises in Argentina/in 2009/etc...
4. The impact of Covid-19-related budget expenditures on the economic situation in European Union member-states/USA/China/etc...
5. Income and wage inequality in Latin American countries/South East Asian countries/etc 

dr hab. Ewa Dziwok, prof. UE
Department of Department of Applied Mathematics

Seminar related topics:
Green finance, Emerging markets and sustainability, Green bonds, Climate risk, Bond Portfolio Management, Alternative Investments, Interest rate risk measurement / management, Liquidity risk measurement / management, Interest rate derivatives, Fixed Income portfolio management, Yield curve analysis, Monetary policy. 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1.Risk management in the energy market. Implementation of different hedging strategies in the framework of electricity trading
2. Assessing the Management of Liquidity Risk: Coping Mechanisms in Start-Ups
3. Altman’s Model as an early warning system in an assessment of bankruptcy risk of selected companies in the Polish Energy Sector
4. Interest rate models comparison in the negative rates environment
5. The sensitivity analysis as a verification method of the discounted cash flow model on the example of Rainbow Tours S.A.
6. SABR model in swaption pricing
7. Prediction of the yield curve using Nelson-Siegel and Nelson-Siegel-Svensson models 

dr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE
Department of Banking and Financial Markets

Seminar related topics:
Commercial banks’ innovativeness; New technologies in banking; Banking innovations – implementation, adoption, acceptance; Banks’ business models; Commercial banks’ market strategies; Competitiveness on banking markets; Banking sector in Poland and Europe; Market activity of nonbank entities (e.g. FinTechy, BigTech, PayTech)  

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Banks’ business models
2. The bank’s reputation and its impact on market performance
3. Banks’ marketing strategies
4. Crowdfunding as SMEs alternative source of funding
5. The importance of innovative payments for retail payment market development
6. Customers’ preferences in e-banking
7. New technology adoption in payment transactions
8. Innovations as a determinant of customers’ financial decisions

dr hab. Tomasz Żądło, prof. UE
Department of Statistics, Econometrics and Mathematics   

Seminar related topics:
1. Empirical Best Predictors based on longitudinal data
2. Economic applications of calibration estimators in survey sampling
3. Domain total prediction based on small area estimation methods 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Survey sampling
2. Small area estimation
3. Longitudinal data analysis
4. Linear mixed models
5. Resampling methods 

dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE
Department of Corporate Finance and Insurance Department 

Seminar related topics:
risk management, insurance, corporate finance, corporate governance, pandemic, green transition risk management, insurance, corporate finance, corporate governance, pandemic, green transition     

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. Risk reporting in insurance business
2. The perceptions / impacts of climate risk / weather risk
3. The impact of COVID-19 on insurance markets / firms' performance
4. Corporate governance mechanisms in insurance sector / corporations

dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Targiel, prof. UE Department of Operations Research 

Seminar related topics:
Volatility prediction for market risk management purposes 

Sample topics of dissertation:
1. The impact of financial news for volatility predictions.
2. Volatility prediction with Deep Neural Networks.
3. The sentiment analysis for volatility predictions.