Emergency financial aid - general information

The Emergency Financial Aid may be granted to a student who:

  • is temporarily in a difficult life situation;
  • submitted a justified application and documented the circumstances which are the reason of their difficult life situation.

The amount of the emergency financial aid shall be determined individually in every situation.    

Circumstances justifying emergency financial aid

The circumstances justifying the need to receive emergency financial aid may include, among others:

  • personal accident of the student;
  • serious disease of the student or their close relative;
  • natural disaster (fire, flood);
  • loss of parents, guardians, children or spouse while studying at the University.    

The emergency financial aid may be granted twice in an academic year.

Emergency financial aid - required documents

  • Application for a hardship benefit;
  • Documents proving the family income;
  • Documents required in the event of:

    • the death of a family member – death certificate;
    • a serious illness of the student or his/her family member – medical certificates with reference to the medicines taken, copies of prescriptions, receipts or invoices for the purchase of medicines;
    • a natural disaster – certificate issued by a relevant entity proving that the event occurred.

NOTE!!! A person applying for the granting of a hardship benefit shall submit the necessary original documents or the authenticated copies thereof. A copy of the document may be authenticated by the University’s employee, notary public or issuing institution.

Emergency financial aid - download documents