"Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning" - workshop Professor's Rodolfo Baggio from Bocconi University in Milan (3 ECTS points)

On 3-5.11.2021, at the invitation of our University, the Management Theory Department and Tourism Economy Studies as well as Kolegium Studiów, Professor Rodolfo Baggio from Bocconi University in Milan – the well-known and internationally respected scientist – will conduct a workshop: "Artificial intelligence, big data and machine learning"

Students can get 3 ECTS points for participating in the workshop. Workshop (a total of 10 classroom hours for a maximum of 25 participants) will be held:

  • 3.11.2021 - 9.50-13.20, Aula CNTI
  • 4.11.2021 - 9.50-12.25, 2/19 CNTI
  • 5.11.2021. - 9.50-12.25, Aula CNTI

Tentative program:

  • Introduction: Data, big data and analysis methods
  • Artificial intelligence: definitions and basic methods
  • Machine learning: main algorithms
  • Software tools: packages and development environments
  • Rapidminer: description and basic usage
  • Example of analysis with Rapidminer
  • Class (or individual) work
  • Discussion and conclusions.

Participants should take own computer for the workshop. Participants will be asked to install the Rapidminer (instructions will be given before classes) and provided with example datasets for the class works.

Workshop participation form

People who fill in the registration form for the workshops will receive an e-mail confirmation of participation in the workshops after the recruitment is completed.

Rodolfo Baggio 

Rodolfo Baggio holds a degree in Physics (MPhys) and a PhD in Tourism Management. After an extensive experience in the information technology industry, he is a professor at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy), where he coordinates the Digital Strategies area for the Master in Economics and Tourism and a research fellow at the Dondena Center for Research on Social Dynamics and Public Policy. He is also a professor at the Tomsk Polytechnic University in Tomsk, Russia. His research activity is focused on the field of information technology and tourism and on the application of complexity theory and network analysis methods for the study of tourism destinations. Rodolfo is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, past vice-president of IFITT (International Federation for Information Technology in Travel & Tourism), founding member of the Italian chapter of the Internet Society as well as member of the Italian Physical Society. In 2017, he was awarded the Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award from IFITT.