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Internationalization event and symposium Intercultural Competence at Work

Seinäjoki University of Applied SCiences (SeAMK) will arrange an international event entitled Intercultural Competence at Work in Seinäjoki, Finland on 4 to 5 June 2020.

The PROMINENCE project addresses key objectives of policies concerning the relevance of higher education (HE) by opening avenues for cooperation linking teachers, students and employers. PROMINENCE is about providing SMEs with greater opportunities, by providing them with graduates entering the job market who have been trained using authentic, up to date, digitalised learning materials, focused on the actual needs SMEs identify in overcoming cross-cultural communication problems affecting their business activities. PROMINENCE therefore works to ensure the partner universities earn their proper places the European society of the future – today. In other words, PROMINENCE represents one clear example of a way forward for higher education. The main output is an online learning and teaching platform to the development of which stakeholders from educational institutions (both students and teachers) and working life (Employers and employees from SMEs) contribute. The digitally created environment allows accessibility to all stakeholders across borders. The content of the project, promotion of cross-cultural communication skills together with the utilisation of ICT tools and modern pedagogical approaches, aims to increase interoperability and portability of applicable information, as well as to encourage educational institutions to adopt innovative ways of teaching and learning. 

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The Internationalization event and symposium "Intercultural Competence at Work" is aimed at both Finland and internationally target groups. The purpose of the event is to enhance awareness of intercultural competence in today’s working life and to provide tools for developing it. At the event the outputs of the project Erasmus+ -funded Prominence: Promoting Mindful Encounters Through Intercultural Competence and Experience are presented. The main outcome of the project is Prominence Interactive, an online learning environment developed by the consortium of seven European institutes of higher education.

More information about an international event entitled Intercultural Competence at Work in Seinäjoki  in the attached invitation.

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