Representatives of our University at the European Economic Congress

The 13th edition of the European Economic Congress will take place between 20-22 September in Katowice. The EEC means over one hundred debates devoted to the current economic trends, a dozen of thematic blocks, sessions held within the framework of European Tech and Start-up Days and many other events. All of this with the participation of great speakers ready to share their experience and discuss key economic and social problems of Europe in the global context. This year Rector Prof. Celina M. Olszak, Vice-Rector for Science and Academic Staff Development Prof. Maciej Nowak, former Rector of our Univeristy – Prof. Robert Tomanek and Head of the Department of Economic and Financial Analysis Prof. Eugeniusz Gatnar were invited to attend the Congress as speakers.

European Economic Congress is a three-day long series of debates, meetings and accompanying events with the participation of guests from Poland and abroad. The idea of the Congress is to integrate European entrepreneurs, build awareness of the value of the community among them and outline the direction of Europe's future activities. The themes of the EEC cover the most important issues for the economic and social development of Europe.

In 2021 the European Economic Congress assumes the form of a few months campaign covering a wide range of economic subjects and including many diversified activities; from events such as the 2nd Edition of EEC Trends Online, through reports, conversations and debates devoted to the subject of trends shaping our nearest future, to its culmination – the 13th European Economic Congress scheduled for 20-22 September 2021.

Rector Prof. Celina M. Olszak will participate in the session "Digitalisation of the economy" (20 September 2021, 14:30-16:00). 

Thematic scope

What has the pandemic changed in the major trends related to digitalization? Who benefits from acceleration and how to take advantage of digital acceleration? Technologies that are gaining importance: artificial intelligence, robotiszation, the Internet of Things, the cloud, and Big Data. Their commercial use; implementation leaders; and staff and new competences. How to ensure the security of critical infrastructure? The role of BigTechs in the global economy. More: 

Vice-Rector for Science and Academic Staff Development Prof. Maciej Nowak will participate in the session "Intellectual capital – the gold of the 21st century" (22 September 2021, 13:30-15:00). 

Thematic scope

Intellectual capital as a driver of economic development. How to invest in knowledge? A comprehensive reform of the education system in order to meet future labour market challenges. How to build the competences of the future in a post-pandemic world? Digitalization and digitization – technological challenges for Polish universities. Staff ‘tailored to the needs’, or how to involve business in the education reform. Polish enterprises in the global fight for talents. More: 

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On September 20, the Rector-Senior of the University of Economics in Katowice Prof. Robert Tomanek will participate in two sessions:

  • "Law in the face of challenges of the changing economy" (12:30-14:00)

The session will focus on: acute regulatory deficiencies, pace of technological development – new areas that require standardization, blockchain and other out-of-control technologies, legal solutions for the pandemic.

More about the session:

  • "The New Industrial Policy" (16:30-18:00)

Thematic scope of the session will focus on: Industrial strategy – a remedy for the crisis, but also for the acceleration of development. Polish companies, Polish technologies and Polish products - is it a turn towards autarchy or well-understood economic patriotism? Business identifies the barriers. The five pillars of strategy. The role of industry contracts. The feedback involving EU funds. The way to implementation: allies, obstacles, and far-reaching goals.

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On September 20, from 15:15 to 16:00, Prof. Eugeniusz Gatnar will participate in the session entitled "State budget and inflation".

The session will address the following topics: state finances during the pandemic (an exceptional time, high expectations, and special tools), stimulating the economy versus the limits of budgetary security, stabilizing expenditure rule, advantages and disadvantages of inflation, hawks and doves in the face of inflation, the role of Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP) and the Monetary Policy Council.

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