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Restrictions in Poland from 7th November till 29th November 2020

Due to the fact that the situation in Poland related to the epidemic of covid-19 is deteriorating, Polish government is going to introduce more restrictions which will be in effect from tomorrow 7th November till 29th November 2020.

Here is the list of the most important new limitations that can affect exchange students:

  • shops in the shopping malls will be closed, except of grocery shops, cosmetic shops, pharmacies, DIY and builder's supply shops, pet shops and newsagent’s
  • cultural venues will be closed: theatres, museums, art galleries, cultural centers
  • hotels will be available only to the guests on their business trips

The other restrictions announced a week ago remain in force: 

If the situation deteriorates it is possible that the government will introduce a National Quarantine (a total lockdown), probably for the period of two weeks.

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