The Representation of UE Katowice wins the Global Management Challenge Poland 2021!

"Hostile Takeover" - the team of the University of Economics in Katowice won the national level of the Global Management Challenge competition on the 23rd of June 2021. The squad consisted of past and present members of the scientific club of financial modelling "QUANTUM" : Marcin Mrowiec, Damian Strzępa, Anna Świtalik and Aleksander Piecuch. Congratulations!

Right now, our representatives are preparing for the global final, which is planned for July this year. Our team will be representing Poland. Moreover, they are going to fight for the title of World's Championship in Business management. 

Global Management Challenge is the biggest business and strategic simulation game in Poland and the world. The participants of the simulation are managers, specialists, young talents, as well as students of economics. They form teams, whose goal is to manage their virtual company in a way that will grant the best score on the virtual market. the teams are divided into groups, in which they are competing in achieving the biggest investing score. The decisions of one team have an impact on the other members of the group, which stimulates continuous interaction between participants. 

In the final of GMC Poland 2020/2021 the ending scores shaped the following podium order:

  1. Hostile Takeover: Marcin Mrowiec, Damian Strzępa, Anna Świtalik i Aleksander Piecuch (University of Economics in Katowice)
  2. OLX Eagles: Alicja karalus, Mateusz Bochat, Jan Kosmala, Marcin Przybylski (OLX Poland)
  3. Grupa Produkcyjna: Jakub Nogas, Bartosz Piwko, Aleksander Pyta (University of Economics in Katowice), Michał Tiuryn (University of Gdańsk).

We're wishing the best of luck to our Representatives in the Global Finals!

The project has been organized since 1980, in the form of national online competitions in nearly 40 countries. Since 2000, the simulation GMC gathered over 27 thousand participants from many companies and universities from all around Poland.

The competition received the Certificate for teChnology-Enhanced Learning and European Foundation for Management Development.

More information about GMC Poland available on the website: and on social media. 

About the international GMC read here:

Congratulations and good luck!