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Virtual walk around the UE Katowice campus

The pandemic reality has deprived students, applicants and the business community of the opportunity to visit our campus. For this reason, a new virtual walk around the University of Economics in Katowice has been prepared. It is an excellent opportunity to see the buildings, interiors of the lecture halls and the University without leaving home. We invite you for a walk!

The photos were taken for the purposes of international accreditation by the Internationalization Strategy Office. Due to the pandemic and remote organization of classes, material was prepared that shows the potential and infrastructure of the university. We invite all Polish and foreign students and candidates, graduates longing for Alma Mater, companies and institutions cooperating with the University to visit the EU Katowice campus virtually.

How to visit an online campus? Just turn on Google Maps (using an application or a web browser), then locate the campus on the map or enter the name of the university in the search engine and select Street View.

There is a navigation bar on the right side of the maps. After clicking on a given number, the panorama and the place on the campus where the user is located change.

Explanation of abbreviations:

  • A01, R02, C03 - shots from inside the buildings (A - building A, R - Rector's office building, etc.)
  • ZEW - shots from outside the buildings
  • LOT - aerial shots
  • KOM - computer room
  • RAD - radio room

Depending on the location on the campus, the navigation bar will change, giving the viewer the opportunity to visit more places.


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