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UE Katowice in the age of coronavirus

Regarding the development of the epidemic situation the University prepared a special portal where you can find information about online learning, technical support and answers to frequently asked questions.

The aim of the portal is to facilitate access to the news about the organization of the University's work and online education during national quarantine. In addition, the website provides information about the support that the University offers to students, employees, and its environment in connection with the coronavirus global pandemic.

All information in one place -

This unprecedented situation is not easy but the University stays positive and appreciates the initiatives the lockdown inspires like the song the University Choir recorded with their original lyrics encouraging everyone “to stay home and become heroes saving the world”.  

Health and safety

The University promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle. It is involved in campaigns increasing social awareness of preventive care and safety.

Examples of campaigns and projects:

  • Grenade against cancer

The aim of the project under the activities of the Silesian Coalition for Combating Cervical Cancer, is to improve the situation in the prevention of cervical cancer among women in the academic community – students, staff and wives and partners of staff and students. A series of meetings/lectures was held as part of the campaign, and each woman had could undergo cytological examination free of charge at a partner facility.

  • Movember

Every year, the international “Movember” campaign takes place throughout November. The edition of this social campaign is also held in Katowice, aimed at the prevention of testicular and prostate cancer as part of "Movember Polska". Movember is an international movement whose main goal is to raise the awareness of men in this regard. Its symbol is a moustache, grown by men throughout the month to provoke a discussion on male health. "Save a few guys with us" – this is the objective of the "Kapitan Światełko" Foundation, the organiser of Movember Polska. As part of Movember Polska, UEKat has arranged a press conference at the CNTI building (where the Vice-Rector for Education and Internationalization symbolically shaved his November moustache), opening the nationwide campaign and a 10 km "Bieg dla jaj” (Run for fun) on the streets of the centre of Katowice, started on the market and finished at the CNTI.

Promotion of alternative forms of communication from places of residence to the University and back, and increasing security within the University campus among the University community.

  • "Ride a Bike to University" and "Tempo 30” projects

Dynamic urban development and changes in the style of urban space users result in continuous growth and changes in their transport needs. Changes in transport behaviour are closely related to congestion, traffic accidents, exhaust emissions, noise, and consequently affect the quality of life. Therefore, a balanced approach to mobility and transport planning in urban space becomes essential. The University's campaign titled "Ride a Bike to the University" promotes cycling as an ecological transport and recreation. As part of the project, a survey was conducted among the academic community to examine the transport preferences and expectations regarding bicycle infrastructure in the city and at the university. A cyclist's handbook was prepared and made available as a guide for safe bicycle use as a means of transport. The bicycle parking lots at the University were extended and new ones were also created, some of the roofed.

At the same time, to improve safety at the University's main campus, both for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, at the request of the University authorities, the City of Katowice established the "Tempo 30" zone and adjusted bicycle traffic on the sidewalk sections of the main access road to the campus by installing relevant signs. The introduction of the "Tempo 30" zone ensures safety and reconciles the interests of both car owners and other traffic users. The activities carried out in the area of infrastructure and information contribute not only to improving the traffic conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, but, more importantly, to increasing the quality of life in the city.

Psychological Assistance

At the University, two psychologists (including one English-speaking) are on duty and provide free assistance. The psychologist helps in solving life difficulties and achieving a better quality of life. The psychological assistance is offered to people:

  • suffering from mental difficulties (anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, intrusive reactions to stress),
  • whose body is ill due to specific mental issues (eating disorders, sleep disorders, psychosomatic diseases, sexual dysfunctions),
  • manifesting difficulties in relationships with people (family and relationship problems, loneliness, life crisis situations),
  • who want to get to know and understand each other better, to be more satisfied with their own life.

Free of charge therapy for students studying in Katowice

One-year free of charge therapy for students studying in Katowice and coming from families where there was no unconditional love and certain difficulties revealed. It is connected with the project

If you want to find out if this also applies to you, check the website. You may do a test there that will tell you if you need a therapy. It is also worth reading the book “Spread Your Wings”, where students share their family situation and show how to overcome the burden of the past.

Equalizing Opportunities

UEKat makes every effort to ensure that everyone feels comfortable here and can develop in terms of learning and passion without restrictions.

The activities for social inclusion include:

  • support for people with disabilities,
  • sports activities for people with disabilities,
  • Disabled Students' Organisation at the University of Economics in Katowice,
  • website adapted to the needs of people with disabilities,
  • infrastructure with access facilities,
  • financial support for students,
  • psychological assistance.
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Accreditations and partners

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