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Campaigns of scientific circles

Student financial counselling was established in March 2012 on the initiative of the members of the Banking Scientific Circle at the Department of Banking and Financial Markets of UEKat. It provides free financial information to individuals and micro-enterprises. Information to interested parties is provided by students. They solve the problems using the knowledge acquired during the studies and consulting the issue with the University's academic staff specialising in the given field.

Consume-Aware is a 3-year (2016-2019) international project by the AwareNet Club scientific circle and UEKat academic staff, titled "Enhancing quality in innovative higher education about consumer awareness: Consume-aware". It was implemented by a consortium of eight European universities. The project aims to improve quality and innovation in higher education curricula in the area of protection of consumer interests, as well as to raise consumer awareness of their rights on the European market. Solutions implemented under the project include innovative international e‑learning platform dedicated to the protection of consumer interests, e-book "Standards of consumer protection in Europe", an online education module (MOOC) in this area, a mobile application designed to protect consumer rights in Europe.

NetAware Intensive Program is an international project created by students of the AwerNet Club scientific circle and UEKat academic staff who are concerned about the problems of social exclusion. In addition to combating social exclusion, the project mission was to sensitise young people to social issues in Europe and ethical dilemmas faced by modern managers. In addition, the project allowed students to gain practical knowledge about modern methods and techniques of online promotion (thematically connected to the difficult issue of promotion of non-profit organizations). The project dealt with the issues of social exclusion based on gender and sexual orientation and financial exclusion.

Logistic workshops for primary schools are conducted by the ‘Dialogue’ Logistics Scientific Circle. The project includes the following workshops: "Ecologistics - where does the chocolate come from?” for classes 1st-3rd grades (lasting about 1 hour) and "Ecologistics – how is a book made?" for 4th-6th grades (lasting about 45 minutes) Under the project, members of the circle visit primary schools, where they present how products available in stores are created and draw attention to the need to segregate waste generated after their use.

The “Zostań Rachmistrzem” (Become an Arithmetician) contest for high schools is organized each academic year by the “Rachmistrz” Student Accounting Circle. It aims to deepen and develop knowledge in accounting and promote it among students. Each time during the competition teams must face a test in the field of finance and accounting and a case study task. This event brings together around 30 two-person teams from around Silesia with their carers.

Nationwide Accounting Days is a nationwide accounting competition combined with a scientific conference, organized by the “Rachmistrz” Student Accounting Circle. The aim is to promote accounting as a field of knowledge and a tool for proper presentation of economic reality. It is attended by students from all over Poland, including Kraków, Rzeszów, Poznań, Łódź, Toruń and Gdańsk. Thanks to cooperation with EY, the conference ends with the publication of a scientific monograph.

Dni Europejskie (European Days) – the International Challenge organizes a regular event entitled "European Days". The aim of the project is not only to exchange views on the current events in the EU, but also to strengthen the bond with Europe among students. During the last European Days, the guests invited by the Circle members were foreign students at UEKat as part of the Erasmus Plus program. Such intercultural meetings help to develop the students' attitudes of tolerance, respect and acceptance of other cultures.

CV24 is a project of the Human Resource Development Student Scientific Circle (SKN HRD) carried out since January 2016. Under the project, the circle members provide help in creating a CV. You can send your CV to the email address, which will be checked for correctness. The corrections made allow the author to edit the CV, thereby increasing the chance for being invited to an interview and potential employment. The scientific circle checks all CVs - regardless of whether the author is a student or not. The circle also helps in editing cover letters.

Urban abstractions is a project created by members of the AREA circle as part of classes on GIS (Geographical Information System) programs, aimed at showing differences in plans of various cities in the region, Europe and the world to people who are not connected with urban life, structure and planning. The work consists in showing the street grid with building quarters replaced with coloured fields.

KAMpuls is a project created by members of the AREA circle and focused on students and their needs for spending free time in the university during the summer semester. The campaign involved mapping and research of the needs of the students of the University of Economics in Katowice for spending time outdoor within the university campus. The event drew attention to the insufficient number of locations in the university area, which resulted in setting of furniture made from pallets.

Oswój wilka (Tame the wolf) is a project implemented by the AREA Scientific Circle together with the ‘Napraw Sobie Miasto’ Foundation and the ‘Antyrama’ scientific circle of architecture students. The activities were addressed to the residents of the Wilcze Gardło district in Gliwice to help the population determine the way of free land development and to expand the awareness of residents regarding their impact on the immediate surroundings.

Żywiec Jutra (Żywiec of Tomorrow) is a project implemented in 2017, consisting in conducting educational activities for the benefit of the Żywiec community by the "Manager" Management Scientific Circle. As part of the project, the circle conducted a workshop titled "How to go from idea to action? A few words about project management” for children and young people of schools in Żywiec.

Akcja Segregacja (Segregation Campaign) is activities that include environmental education conducted by the Pro Futuro Scientific Circle regarding the introduction of waste segregation (in the building of the Faculty of Business, Finance and Administration in Rybnik) and an earlier analysis of the waste management market. It is also planned to introduce special containers for waste segregation in all buildings throughout the entire UEKat campus in 2019.

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