Katowice is a metropolis of about 400 thousand inhabitants. This industrial rather than touristic city is worth visiting as it is the capital of Upper Silesia and one of the biggest agglomerations in Europe. For tens of years, the growth and progression of Katowice was extremely dynamic due to advantageous natural conditions for development of mining and metallurgical industries, as well as to the development of transport routes. The political transformation of the state after 1989 resulted in deep restructuring processes in the economic life of the town.

Right now, Katowice has become a vast area of investments (infrastructure, highways, banks, research facilities, shopping centers, modern office buildings etc.) attracting businessmen from all over the world. The Katowice Special Economic Zone is the leader among Polish economic zones. Among the biggest investors are General Motors Opel, Japanese Isuzu Motors, Spanish Roca, Mecalux etc.

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