The University of A Coruña (Hiszpania) ma przyjemnośc zaprosić na VI International Staff Week, który odbędzie sie w dniach 6 - 9 Maja 2019.

Target audience: EXCLUSIVELY both teaching and administrative staff related to Internationalization (we will only accept applications from this staff) [Więcej]

The University of Verona zaprasza na Erasmus Staff Training Week w dniach od 13.05.2019 do 16.05.2019.

The University of Verona organizes an Erasmus Staff Training Week titled "Who wants to be international?"  [Więcej]

Masaryk University bardzo serdecznie zaprasza na Masaryk University Staff Training weeks (MUST Weeks) w maju 2019.

MUST Weeks going to be held in these fields: 1) Quality Assurance in Higher Education, May 13 – 16, 2019 2) Services for students with special needs „Universal Design for Learning“, May 20 -24 , 2019.  [Więcej]

Mondragon University ma zaszczyt zaprosić na International Days, które odbęda się 5-6-7 czerwca w Hiszpanii.

Mondragon University is delighted to invite academics and administrators across borders and educational field to join our International Days which will be held on 5-6-7 June in the Basque Country (Spain). [Więcej]

University of León serdecznie zaprasza na 4-tą edycję International Week w dniach 06-10 maja 2019.

The International Week is a celebration of the World’s culture, so it will be the perfect way of networking with diverse figures from numerous institutions, both from Spain and from other nationalities, with international ambitions. The Program... [Więcej]

5th International Staff Week odbędzie się w dniach 9 - 15 czerwca 2019 w University of Osijek, Chorwacja..

International Week will be a great opportunity to meet and discuss future aspects of our cooperation, primarily through Erasmus+ Programme, and to tackle up-to-date issues related to internationalization of our institutions. Within our International... [Więcej]

3rd International Week dla parcowników dydaktycznych odbędzie się w School of Management and Economics w Heraklionie (Grecja) w dniach 13 do 17 maja 2019.

The theme of this year's International Week is "Entrepreneurship and New Trends in Tourism", however, other topics of interest are also welcome. Aiming to enhance students’ internationalization experience at TEI Crete, lecturers and teaching staff... [Więcej]