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Languages for the International Business degree courses

Foreign languages on offer

IB students learn two foreign languages throughout the entire bachelor's degree course and in the first three semesters of the master's degree course. They choose from English (C1 only), German (A1-B2), French (A1-B1), Italian (A1-B1), Spanish (A1-B2), Russian (A1-B1), Chinese (A1-B1), and Polish (A1-B1). Except for Polish A1, the lower level courses are run in Polish as a medium of instruction.

Course rules

  1. Students enroll in a given language course through an online form at the beginning of each academic year.
  2. Class attendance is obligatory.
  3. Performance is assessed based on course content, not on a student's general linguistic competence.
  4. Specific requirements related to course completion are presented by each teacher at the beginning of the course.


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