Podcast z psychologiem informatykiem

Dr inż. Paweł Kocoń terapeuta, trener biznesu, informatyk opowiedział o zagrożeniach związanych z paniką w obliczu wojny w Ukrainie. W interesie najeźdźcy jest by sojusznicy czuli strach i zagrożenie, by bezkrytycznie dali się zastraszyć. Stąd pomysł by zaprezentować zasady „higieny informacyjnej” pomagającej nie dać się panice zbiorowej.

TEPSA video series. EuropeChats and EU History Explained

Our friends at the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) have recently launched two flagship video series about the functioning and historical development of the EU: ‘EuropeChats’ and ‘EU History Explained’. Through these, you can take a peek behind the curtain and get to know the European Union at a deeper level.


‘EuropeChats’ is TEPSA’s talk show answering YOUR questions about the European Union. Every episode, TEPSA Executive Director Mariam Khotenashvili asks Secretary-General Jim Cloos about his views on the key issues facing Europe today. Jim is a distinguished European diplomat of some 35 years and has been a key player in almost all aspects of the European project throughout his long and storied career. You can even ask Jim your own questions via Twitter using the hashtag #EuropeChats! So far, three episodes of EuropeChats have been released:



‘EU History Explained’ is TEPSA’s newest video series that aims to make sense of today’s European Union by looking at its history. We are so used to hearing about politics being shaped in “Brussels”, but through this series, let’s consider how the EU came to be. The first episode of EU History Explained, focussing on the status of Europe immediately after the Second World War, and the early movements to create a joint European political project, is available to watch here.