Seminaria dyplomowe / magisterskie

Kierunek International Business

PromotorProblematyka i przykładowe tematy prac
Prof. dr hab. Maja Szymura-Tyc

Problematyka: theories of firm's internationalization, international business strategies of transitional corporations, international entrepreneurship  - global startups and international new ventures, alliances, mergers and acquisitions in IB,foreign direct investment, foreign market entry strategies, international management, cross-culture management, global leadership, international marketing, global marketing strategies and marketing mix, international marketing strategies for European markets, European Union policy for international business development, internationalization and innovativeness of firms


Wybrane tematy prac:

  • Strategic alliances in the global computer/aircraft/automotive sector
  • Mergers and acquisitions in global food/beverages/automotive industry
  • Entry strategies of leading e-commerce firms on advanced and emerging markets
  • Market entry strategies of foreign firms to a given market in Poland. Multiple case study
  • Market entry strategies of a given firm to foreign markets. Case study
  • Foreign direct investments in the Polish/European banking/insurance/automotive sector
  • Foreign direct investments of Chinese firms in Polish/European/global markets
  • Internationalization of Polish tech start-ups. Multiple case study
  • Start-ups as a new form of international entrepreneurship in a given region. Multiple case study
  • Global strategy of a given transnational corporation. Case study
  • Leadership and leadership skills in global crisis time
  • International marketing strategy of a firm in a given market. Case study
  • Marketing communication in creating global brand image. Case study
  • Influence of the European Single Market regulations on product development/ advertising/distribution/ prices in a given sector
  • Comparative analysis of international climate policy: European Union, USA and China
Dr hab. Monika Sulimowska-Formowicz

Problematyka: inter-organizational relationships in international business, international competitiveness of firms / industries, international business strategy, international management, international trade management, cross-culture management issues, human resources management in IB, international marketing

Wybrane tematy prac:

  • Cooperation as a way to grow internationally – case study of a firm
  • Increasing firm’s competitiveness through international cooperation – case study
  • Trust building in international cooperation
  • Management tools and practices in inter-organizational cooperation – case study of a firm
  • Determinants of firm’s  success in international cooperation – case study
  • Internationalization strategy of a company – case study
  • Competitive strategy of a firm on international markets
  • Market entry strategy of a company – motives, determinants of choice, critical success factors
  • Analysis of internationalization path of a company
  • Organization of export-import activities of a company, strategic and operational aspects
  • The role of intermediary in effective international trade actions of a company
  • International marketing strategy of a company on chosen foreign market(s)
  • Cultural differences' impact on business negotiations
  • Determinants of effective motivation systems for cross-cultural teams
  • Product/promotion/distribution strategy on international markets on the example of company
Dr Danuta Babińska

Problematyka: corporate social responsibility with international focus - goals of sustainable development, problems of global supply chain management, strategic approach to CSR, CSR during pandemic times; intercultural management and intercultural communication - problems of multicultural team management, multicultural leadership; IB strategies in emerging markets

Wybrane tematy prac:

  • Communication challenges in intercultural teams
  • Implementation of teal management as a response to global trends in Human Resources – the foreseeable future or a daydream?
  • Leadership and its determinants on the example of companies in the USA, Europe and Asia
  • Cross-culture differences in non-verbal communication during negotiations
  • International business communication - global companies in times of crisis
  • International companies behavior in response to climate change
  • The social purpose of business – shared value as a core of a successful business strategy with a focus on Europe
  • CSR in Developing Asia
  • Future of Corporate Social Responsibility and its impact on sustainable development of enterprises. Nestle company case
  • The potential in sustainable development in addressing poverty and hunger in developing countries on the example of Unilever sustainable agriculture strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility intentions of global corporations versus the reality - based on Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics
  • Fair Trade and the global coffee market, with a focus on awareness and recognition of Fairtrade coffee in Hungary
  • Building a common brand – nation branding in the Nordic countries
  • The attractiveness of Poland and the United Kingdom based on foreign direct investment inflow
  • Product market strategies of Polish flagship companies on international markets
  • The Implementation of Digital Marketing in the International Beauty Industry